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Automate lead generation

Build a smart Messenger chatbot and link it to your Facebook Ad campaign to generate leads on autopilot. The bot can automatically qualify leads by asking questions and gathering customer phone numbers and e-mails. When completed, the bot automatically sends a new lead to CRM or email.

In only two months we managed to increase our lead count by over 200% and reduce advertisement costs sixfold! At first, the team was panicking because of the significant influx of customers. We were simply unable to handle them all.

Olga Karpova, SMM director, Onlinetours
Please mind that we do not guarantee specific results and your results can vary.

Send messages with 80% open rate

Segment your audience by using tags and attributes and broadcast personalized messages in just a few clicks. The Messenger channel works much better than email and allows you to initiate a conversation and close deals right in the chat.

Manual or Automatic Sending

Setting up broadcasts is a breeze with our visual builder. Create rich messages with images, files and deep links.



Promote content and engage customers

Connect a Facebook bot to a post on your page to automatically send a private message via Messenger once someone comments on the post. It's a great way to send promo codes, engage your customers and grow your Messenger subscriber list.

Automated Follow-Up

The Messenger chatbot can automatically follow up on customers within 24 hours with a promo code or useful content if they were interested in your offer.

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Free Messenger bot templates

Start with one of our proven bot templates to get the first results without any effort.

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