Why Messenger Ads are better with bots and BotHelp?

Accelerate sales and lead generation

Run Facebook or Messenger Ad campaigns and link them to smart chatbots. The bot can automatically send the sequence of messages (text, photos, and videos) to promote your product or service. Also, the bot can ask questions needed to qualify leads and collect customer contacts such as phone or email. BotHelp can instantly send leads to email, CRM or Google Sheets.

Facebook Ads

When a person interacts with your Facebook or Instagram Ad, a conversation with your business will immediately open in the Messenger.

Messenger Ads

Customers can see your Messenger ad on the home screen of the Messenger app. When they tap on the ad, they will be sent to the chat with your bot.

Free retargeting unleashed

Don't lose 70% of potential customers who haven't completed the key action in a bot flow or left their contact details. Just use BotHelp to setup a free retargeting on Facebook and re-engage all these customers. The Messenger channel has about 80% open rate and allows you to close deals right in the chat.

Facebook Ads retargeting

Facebook Post Bots

Get x3 more leads from Post boosting

BotHelp allows you to create a Messenger bot and connect it to a Facebook Post. Once someone leaves a comment, the bot automatically sends a private message via Messenger. It's a great way to send promo codes, share content and start sales conversations.

Automated Follow-Up

The Messenger chatbot can automatically follow up on customers within 24 hours with a promo code or useful content if they were interested in your offer.

Double your Facebook Ads results

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